CI is a dance practice born in the 70s of the last century and based on the contact between two or more bodies that evolves not through a predefined form but through continuous listening and sharing of a variable percentage of weight, in the search for fluidity and minimal effort, as well as mutual pleasure.
The social implications of individual psychophysical evolution and support to the improvement of the technique of individual dance are extremely interesting and are the subject of research by numerous groups in various countries, as well as by the writer, who uses the practice of CI simultaneously with the personal movement research and to its integration, as well as as an instrument of personal evolution, thanks to the emotional and social implications that constitutes the physical contact in motion, as precious as unusual in most modern societies.
One of the most surprising aspects of this practice, on which the writer is focusing his research, is the ability to allow acrobatic movements between two or more bodies with great lightness and minimal effort, thanks to the "recycling" of kinetic energy present in the existing movement and its use for the evolution of contact in an acrobatic way.
In this research we also tend to integrate the practice of acroyoga (which is a technique for couples that combines yoga, acrobatic gymnastics and dance), studied as a further increase in vocabulary for the evolution of contact between two bodies.