Art is seen as an instrument of exploration of human being's expressive potentialities and of integration between the body intuitive intelligence and the conscious intelligence of the mind, as well as a channel of transmission of emotions within the Artist and between the Artist and the spectator.

The performing arts in particular can help who practice to recover the ability to "play",  which is so important in the development and growth of the person, even when adult..!
I put these curative aspects of Art at the center of the research and therefore a fundamental part of it is been to find a way to reduce the physiological cost that is often caused by performance, namely how to maintain or even increase psychophysical wellbeing avoiding the fast physical deterioration that often accompanies the circus and dance performer.
This vision brought, after 15 years of research, to the creation of  DanSoma, revolutionary, unique and extremely efficient postural training which improves at the same time physical conditions and performative potential of the practitioner.